Boating Made Simple

HOW LONG DOES IT REALLY TAKE YOU TO REACH BOATING FREEDOM? Taking your car, finding a parking space, boarding your boat and getting out of the marina speed restrictions… With the Iguana the boat is in your garden or on the beach, simply board, turn the key and enjoy freedom within seconds.

WORRY FREE – Marina manoeuvres, concerns of collisions within the marina, making sure you have properly secured your boat, is this the pleasure of boating? The Iguana is safe, easy to manoeuvre, stored on land away from storms, vandalism and opportunistic thieves.
ALL ACCESS – Taking a cooler, picnic, watersports equipment and family to the marina means big planning and logistics. 80% of boating accidents happen when passengers embark and disembark. The Iguana is a steady and stable on land with a generous secure ladder which family can take time to board.
STORAGE OF THE BOAT – How many times have you forgotten equipment at home and needed to return or driven back to the marina to double check your boat is secure. With the Iguana this is simple, your boat and all your belongings are safe and secure in your own backyard.
EASY MAINTENANCE – Storing the Iguana on land means the boat is always dry and safe, sheltered from bad weather and can be easily maintained with no need for anti fouling.